Applying for a job is generally a difficult topic, as difficult general statements can be made. After all, the success of an application does not depend on certain rules, but only on the person who either hires you or not. Thus, application processes are to a certain extent always characterized by subjective decisions. For example, the design of the CV or the question of a letter of motivation is difficult to answer flat-rate. Part of the application, which can certainly be described as necessary, is the application photo. As good as any application is peppered with a photo and there is a reason.

The application photo is the representation of your personality

The most important task of the application photo is that it offers a view of the person applying for the appropriate position. In the letter and curriculum vitae, although some can be presented textually and the skills and personality are described. Choosing an applicant is often an individual and subjective decision. Photo plays a big role. In contrast to a text, the HR specialist really sees a person, which makes the applicant much more personal. Of course, even if a photo does not really represent who you are and what you make of it, it creates a visual representation that allows the human person to get a realistic picture of you.

Applicants must fit in with the company

Another reason why an application photo is absolutely necessary is that in the present time on the company side more and more attention is paid to whether the applicant fits in personally with the company and its working environment. Professional competencies and training continue to play a major role, but especially in young and modern companies, there is often a kind of corporate culture to which the applicant naturally has to fit. Here, the photo is also of help, as this is the image of the applicant drawn. Applying without an application photo, it is difficult for the company to get a realistic picture of you.

What makes a good application photo?

Since we have now clarified the question of the need for a job application, it is now to make a good application photo. First and foremost, it is especially important that you make sure that the photo is professionally created. Because no matter where you apply, a self-shot or not professionally taken photo comes as good as always bad. In any case, the right address is always a professional photographer, many of whom specialize in taking job applications. buy essays online for college

What is the difference between application and business photos?

Application photos are often confused with business photos or both are equated. But there is a blatant difference between these two categories. In addition to application photos, business photos are often offered as a service by photographers and are intended to provide images for a variety of business purposes. The attitude and the perspective on business photos are quite different. While on a job application photo usually only the face is shown, business photos are usually positioned in a certain setting and show more than just the person. This is photographed at a desk or from a more distant position in the profile. In an application, these photos quickly turn out to be unsuitable and are immediately identified by the HR manager. Also, you can often wear something less serious clothing on business photos, such as just a shirt without a tie, which should not be the case with a job application photo.

What should you look for in the application photo?

Of course, it is important in a candid photo, as you can see in the photo, so you should pay attention to your attitude. Try to be professional and serious, but at the same time sympathetic. For example, a smile can never hurt as long as you do not overdo it. Since the application photo usually shows the face and a small part of the breast, you should make sure that your hair is well-groomed and you wear reputable clothes. In men, usually the suit or the shirt with a tie is the standard, women usually wear a costume.

A good photographer is also important

At least as important as your appearance and the way you present yourself is the expertise of the photographer. He should have experience in creating application photos and also giving you advice on how to best present yourself. For example, the perspective can easily change the picture completely.

Post-processing is usually good, but should not be overdone

Another great advantage of professional photographers is the post-processing, which is usually included in the price. It removes blemishes or blemishes on the photos and makes slight adjustments to the image. This is quite a good thing, which you should use in most cases. However, not too many adjustments should be made so that the image looks unnatural. Be sure to show the photo to friends or relatives for multiple opinions.

Contrary to many opinions, the application photo definitely belongs to an application and should therefore be created as professionally as possible. However, how exactly you present yourself in the picture should be individual and as close to reality as possible. After all, you want to convince the employer of your real personality and not create a false image. But things like neat clothes and a serious, well-groomed appearance are a must.